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Principal Hospitality provides a full suite of hotel operational consulting services for owners, operators, and investors of independent hotels and inns. Whether you are looking to boost employee morale, improve guest satisfaction, invest in capital improvements, or reposition after renovations, Principal Hospitality will guide you every step of the way to ensure maximum profitability.

Employee Satisfaction

Nothing makes a guest experience more memorable as employees do. Travel experiences involve people, and without happy employees, guest experience is compromised, even doomed from check-in.   

Principal Hospitality believes charting a new course begins with your own team. 

Principles We Follow

Guest Satisfaction

Positive reviews come from guest encounters with special employees who go out of their way to accommodate guests needs. Every review online mentions someone special who  made it happen. 

Principal Hospitality focuses on improving internal processes and communications in order to turn guests into raving fans. 

Revenue Management

Profitability is key to continued prosperity. Knowing when to raise rates, lower rates, or bundle discounts in packages is a skill every hotel or inn must learn.

Principal Hospitality will work with your team to find the right person with the right skills to master this key element that would ensure your investment is well positioned for continued success. 

Office Meeting
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