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Principles of Success

Employee Satisfaction

Although capital improvements are critical to a hotel’s success, nothing makes a guest experience more memorable as employees do.  Travel experiences are highlighted by the people met along the way who support our journey, whether the purpose be to relieve stress, explore new destinations or complete a new business venture. 

Principal Hospitality believes charting a new course begins with the team. Employees who are happy to come to work, respect their managers, and feel appreciated and well-compensated will project a positive attitude towards guests, ensuring a great experience.

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Guest Satisfaction 

A great team should view their job through the eyes of their guests; advocating for them and focusing on providing the best possible experience. The experience rating will only start to improve when the entire team, beginning with the general manager, is focused on guest satisfaction.   

Principal Hospitality will evaluate internal processes, assess guest feedback, and provide employee training to improve your overall guest experience.

Revenue Management 

Independent hotels have an advantage over branded competitors. They have the freedom to tailor their products, offerings, and services to fit the unique needs of the guests and geographical location. That freedom creates a competitive advantage in the market while maximizing revenues from higher average rates, added package revenues or services, and unique positioning attributes.    

Principal Hospitality focuses on increasing overall revenues and profitability by creating differentiators from the competition and higher service levels and offers.

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Capital Improvements

Spending the right amount of capital on renovations and improvements, at the right time in the hotel life cycle yields the highest return on investment.  


Principal Hospitality works closely with an interior design firm to bring your vision and aspirations for your property to life the most cost effective way that maximizes your return.  

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